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Content is King, Marketing is Queen

Content is King, Marketing is Queen. Content and marketing are the foundation on which any successful brand stands. Without them, your brand becomes like castles built in thin air- it just cannot stand.

Humans have become increasingly connected through the internet and numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Everything seems to change at the speed of light, making information about any and everything readily available and accessible at that same speed.

These have made brands constantly in a frenzy to make sure they stay relevant while still being profitable. For this to happen, it is pertinent for any brand that wants to be profitable to have a failproof content and marketing strategy.

This brings us to the familiar marketing quote of Gary Vaynerchuk “Content is King, but marketing is Queen and the Queen runs the household.”

Keeping the above in mind, let us have a look at some reasons why the saying “Content is King, marketing is Queen” stands.

Reasons why Content is King

  1. Content makes your brand known
  2. It engages readers
  3. Aids your marketing
  4. Answer questions about your brand
  5. Builds your brand’s reputation
  6. Makes you unique
  7. Be futuristic
Content is king, marketing is queen. This is an infographic showing 7 reasons why content is king.
An infographic showing reasons why content is king.

Content is what supplies the internet with the fuel that drives it. Without content, the internet will not exist. Therefore, the content is King. It is the ruler of the pack and has to be the best it can be always.

Here are some reasons why content is king and how you can make the best use of it for your brand:

1. Content makes your brand known

Nothing can make your brand well known, like well-curated content that clearly explains what your brand represents; what it does, who it serves, and why it is in existence. As the expert on your brand’s subject and its niche, your content must make your customers know all that your brand is about and what it does. Since you know your brand best, you are in the best position to tell people about it.

When creating content for your brand, it is essential that your content reflects all that your brand stands for; that way, your brand gets the recognition it requires. Therefore, curate your content to tell your brand story how you want it to be told and make your brand better known.

2. Engage readers

Content is King because it engages readers. Good content is not just a sweep-through but should be in-depth, meaningful, and of good quality so that people get quickly drawn to it.

What can aid your brand in having engaging content is asking yourself what your customers are interested in? What tone would catch their attention most? Why do they patronize your brand? that way, your brand can create content that draws them in.

Another way your content can engage readers is by including a call to action (CAT) in it. A call to action is a phrase or sentence asking people to patronize your brand, leave a comment, or share their experience with your brand.

The call to action is usually included either at the middle or end of your content. People should engage with your brand more frequently if you can develop and use an efficient call to action.

According to Jordan Kasteler, “Your content presentation is the clinching factor that holds an audience’s attention long enough for you to grab them with your actual content.” This brings us to the importance of using a suitable medium for your content.

Use the best medium for any content you want to share because using the wrong medium can lead to little or no engagement. For example, if your brand has video content but shares the video on an audio medium, it will not have the needed level of engagement. This is because the medium you shared it on is the wrong medium for that content.

3. Aids your marketing

Without great content, marketing becomes increasingly complex, especially with many brands constantly competing for customers. When your content is of good quality, it automatically sells itself and, in effect, your brand.

Good content can also get you noticed and linked to, bringing more traffic to your website. This consequently makes your marketing easier.

4. Answer questions about your brand

Content is King because it answers questions about your brand. A lot of brands have a frequently asked questions segment on their websites. This ensures that customers can easily and readily find answers to their questions without constantly contacting you, which saves both your time and that of the customer.

Another way to answer questions is by creating content that answers a particular question. If, for example, your brand sells kids’ toys, your content can answer as many ‘how to’ questions about the different toys you sell, such as; how to assemble, how to use, and how to maintain.

Ensure that your answers are clear, direct, and without ambiguity so your target audience can easily understand them.

5. Builds your brand’s reputation

Content helps your brand have a good reputation, especially if you are consistent. The content could be blog posts, pictures, videos, audio, infographics, memes, etc.

For example, if you have a vlog where you publish a new post each month, people would know when to expect content from you and likely come back for it every other month. This, in turn, will help build your reputation as they are sure you will always publish a new vlog at that time of the month.

Another way content builds your brand reputation is by making you a known authority on a particular subject. This can be achieved when your content targets a specific topic and gives genuine, valuable, and clear information on it.

The more content you put out on a particular topic, the more recognized your brand gets, and over time, people get to trust your brand, giving you a good reputation.

6. Makes you unique

Content aids you in showing your customers what makes your brand different from any other brand. It is easy for certain brands to be easily identified because they have shared a meaningful amount of content, making their brands easily recognized.

When you can share content that projects your brand identity consistently, with each content showing another different aspect of your brand, it will make your brand stand out in the crowd.

You can also use different sites such as blogging platforms, social networks, and video sharing sites to share your unique content.

7. Be futuristic

Since every day comes with one trend or the other and many brands jump on these trends, it is essential to have contents that are not just trendy but also futuristic. For your content to be futuristic, ensure that its subject matter is something your customers can still relate to in the future.

One question to constantly ask yourself when creating content is, will this still be relevant in the next five to ten years? This will aid you in having content that will be relevant for years to come. Irrespective of what your brand is all about, it is necessary that your content is futuristic.

Why is marketing queen?

  1. Marketing brings and keeps customers
  2. It is a communication channel
  3. It boosts sales
  4. Keeps your brand relevant
  5. It helps you evaluate your content
  6. Provides analytics

After you have created that mind-blowing content that keeps your brand up and ahead, shelving it without adequate marketing does your brand no good. This is why marketing is queen.

Just like in the game of chess, where the queen is the most valuable player, able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Marketing is the vehicle through which your content can reach its target audience, thereby moving your brand to any number of squares in the market sphere.

As Seth Godin said, “marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” Knowing this, your marketing has to be top-notch to win people’s attention.

Content is king, marketing is queen. This is an infographics listing 6 reasons why marketing is queen
An infographic showing reasons why marketing is queen.

The feminists of the 1960s used to say, “Behind every great man there is a great woman.” This implies that for as long as the content is king, marketing will always be queen. Hence, your content strategy and content marketing will always be important in business.

Below are more reasons why marketing will always be queen:

1. Marketing brings and keeps customers

Marketing will not only bring new customers but will also keep them. It does so by presenting content that catches the attention of its target audience to try out a particular brand.

When these new customers patronize you, you should capture their attention enough to make them repeat customers. The more repeat customers you have due to your marketing, the more your brand expands its reach. These repeat customers are likely to aid market your brand to their friends, family, and acquaintances.

2. It is a communication channel

A look at a few well-known brands will show you how their marketing platform also serves as a communication channel with customers.

Communication is a two-way street. Thus, your brand should effectively listen to what your customers are saying or asking and give feedback in your marketing.

This need for communication is why many brands have dedicated customer care phone lines and various social media channels where they can be easily reached and receive feedback from their target audience.

3. It boosts sales

We all know that the primary reason brands invest in marketing is to get people to patronize them.

In times past, marketing was solely on Television, Radio, and billboards. In recent times, however, mediums such as emails, social media, mobile market, and many other online platforms have become increasingly used to market brands.

This availability of cheaper and more accessible means of marketing has boosted sales for many brands as they can now easily reach a bigger market through the various online marketing platforms available.

When marketing your brand, it is pertinent that you show people why patronizing your business is beneficial to them. The aim is to make them want to patronize you without having to compel them.

4. Keeps your brand relevant

For your brand to be relevant, you’ll need to be consistently in people’s faces, which is the strategy big brands employ in marketing.

You see them on the billboards while driving to work; you see them on the television when watching a program; you hear them over the radio and still see them on your phone when using search engines or social media platforms.

They do this to reinforce their presence so that you become familiar with that brand and, most likely, want to patronize them when you next require what they offer.

Another way brands stay relevant is by associating themselves with civil society organizations (CSOs) or supporting social courses such as combating climate change through tree planting.

Additionally, they could get involved in supporting events and programs to further their relevance in society.

5. It helps you evaluate your content

Based on how poorly or how good your marketing strategy works, it can aid you in evaluating if your current content serves your brand or if there’s a need for an overhaul.

For example, your brand is a car dealership, and you have a podcast where you discuss various things about cars ranging from insurance, replacement of parts, fuel consumption, tyre quality, etc. You can quickly ascertain from your number of listeners per podcast which particular topics interest them and which do not.

This allows you to curate future content better to meet their expectations.

6. Provides analytics

Marketing analytics provides data and numbers that aid you in making informed marketing decisions to achieve the best return on investment (ROI).

The analytics can be helpful in identifying both those who do and those who do not patronize your brand. With these data, you can then develop future content explicitly targeted to reel in those who have not patronized your brand before.

Using information from marketing analytics strategically may help maximize your brand’s chances of increasing sales or consumer engagement.

Marketing analytics can also be used to document the growth of your brand. This data is essential when deciding whether to expand and when sharing statistics with the board of directors or pitching to investors.

Content is King, Marketing is Queen

There are endless possibilities when it comes to content and marketing; it all depends on how creative you are willing to be.

For content, you can choose to make blogs like this one, vlogs, podcasts, emails, e-books, social media posts, and infographics, as these can be effective tools to get traction.

For marketing, you need great content in order for your content marketing to be effective. And there’s no point having great content without effective content marketing to back it up.

Marketing can be difficult and require a lot of effort and learning, but if done right, you will achieve great results for your brand.

The King is the almighty ruler; he sits on his throne and stands his ground. The Queen is the mover and shaker; she gets out there and gets things done.

Based on the above, we have seen that one needs excellent content in order for the marketing to be effective and that lack of proper marketing makes your content useless. It is, therefore, safe to say that in the world of digital marketing, content is King and marketing is Queen. Because behind every great King stands a great queen who aids his rule. So in order to make your brand expand its reach, make sure your King and Queen are working effectively to expand the royal family, which is your brand.