5 Advantages of mobile marketing

The advantages of mobile marketing in our technology-driven world today can not be overlooked. We are living in a world where everything has gone online and with this, you can not afford to be using the traditional methods of marketing alone because you’d be forfeiting the many benefits that can be gained from mobile marketing. It’s no longer enough to print fliers and posters, pay for advertising on television or radio, book adverts in your local newspapers, and pay for adverts on your town’s local billboards.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing can be seen as a branch of marketing that specifically targets customers who make use of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets and more using mediums like social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook), Automated and manual email newsletters and messages, short message services (SMS) and other forms of online communication. It is a form of digital marketing.

In this age and time, you need to have an online presence by getting involved in mobile marketing. This would bring about many advantages to your business or organization. Many companies and small businesses are always on the hunt for profitability and that competitive edge over their competition. There are also investors online that can be appealed to through the use of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing when used right, can provide that competitive advantage and help in the journey to profitability for the company or small business.

This is an image showing 5 advantages of mobile marketing.
An infographic showing 5 advantages of mobile marketing

Other non-profit, religious, and non-governmental organizations can also utilize mobile marketing to help in spreading their messages, promoting their content, and also creating awareness for their projects should there be the need for donations or extra funding. As you can see already, the advantages of mobile marketing for your organizations are so much, and knowing how to utilize mobile marketing properly could be the difference between you and your competitors.

5 Advantages of mobile marketing

  1. Multiple online payment methods
  2. Viral potential
  3. Large competitive advantage
  4. Target /niche-specific
  5. Data storage and analytics

Multiple online payment methods

One of the advantages of mobile marketing is the availability of multiple online payment methods. When you have successfully acquired multiple clients through your mobile marketing platforms, it doesn’t have to end there. You can always accept payments for your products, services, or subscriptions through multiple payment methods like PayPal, skrill, MasterCard payments, and more. There are also options to include APIs in your websites so payments are made directly to you in your local currency but this depends on the financial technology ( fintech) companies that are available at your location.

Since your customers are already available through marketing, you can easily just accept the payments right then and there. At this point, the clients are already excited to have found a product or service that they need and it is the best time to cash in on their interest. When a sale takes a few days, the zeal of the customers begins to die down and they may be reluctant to make the purchase, making it a lot harder to sell to them as opposed to when they discovered your products or services and are eager to buy. This is what makes this a great advantage because it allows you to make your sale and keep your profits as soon as the client’s interest is made known. Imagine what this feature can do to your sales.

Viral Potential

Ideally, you would want just your target market to know about the existence of your products, however, there are cases where it goes beyond that and millions of people on the internet get to find out about your organization, brand, message, product, or service and in a way, you could even call yourself famous.

Large competitive advantage

This advantage is mainly for companies or small businesses. They are always looking for an edge over their competitors and mobile marketing provides that edge for a lot of businesses. A lot of businesses have taken to mobile marketing to market their products but even though there are many businesses that are online right now, there are still some that are not online yet and not many have optimized their marketing to give them the best results.

Just the act of taking your business online through mobile marketing gives you an advantage over your competition but you could take it a step further by optimizing your marketing by using engaging and entertaining content to make your products and services stand out which further adds to your competitive advantage.


It would be completely aimless to market to the entire world. As an organization or business, you should be able to know who your ideal customers are and those are the people that your marketing should be targeted. With the old forms of marketing, it was really difficult to target specific customers since the marketing systems were not optimized for targeted marketing. They were just broad. For example, radio advertising wouldn’t be to a specific audience and everyone who listens to the radio would hear your adverts and you would have very small conversion rates and your marketing ROI (return on investment) would be very low.

This is why mobile marketing is an advantage because it allows you to target your market down to the last description and could also help you boost your market share as soon as you begin using mobile marketing. This helps many businesses optimize their marketing and get their money’s worth on their investments.

For example, if you sell T-shirts for men your target market should be mostly men that possess mobile devices and if your business provides international shipping then your target market demographics would include other international states else your demographics should be locally targeted to handle the demand. It would be a foolish marketing strategy to target all the women and children when you sell men’s T-shirts.

The mobile marketing platforms offer many customizable options for selecting your demographics and your target market. This makes it easy for you to be as specific as possible thereby optimizing your marketing process which would also add to your competitive advantage in the market. If you could narrow down the specifications of your target market then your return on investment in your marketing would be good, increasing the overall profitability of your organization.

There are also options that these mobile marketing platforms have that would allow you to take targeting a step further depending on your internet in marketing. Some companies may be looking to simply drive traffic to their websites to create brand awareness for their products while others may be looking to make the sale directly from these mobile marketing platforms or gather potential clients by collecting their emails and phone numbers.

The options to customize your marketing campaigns are so many that they could serve as another topic entirely. This is why many brands and organizations are focusing primarily on mobile marketing.

Data storage and analysis tools

One of the invaluable qualities of mobile marketing is the fact that the platforms provide and store useful data after your advertising campaigns have been launched successfully. Pre-mobile advertising, was not even completely possible because there was no way to track the impressions, interests, click-through rates, user response, and general success of the marketing campaigns aside from the sales that come and there was also no way of determining what marketing strategy worked best so it could be heavily invested in to optimize the marketing process. In short, a lot of companies were simply playing the numbers advantage when it came to marketing their products or services which is basically overwhelming their local areas with posters and billboards in order to gain their attention.

With mobile marketing, these platforms produce and store useful information that would be invaluable for your marketing. When your marketing campaigns are live, they track everything about your campaign and provide this data to you in a very easy-to-comprehend format. Things from the impressions that your potential clients have, the number of people that clicked through, the number of people that made a purchase, the number of people that gave their information, the number of people that abandoned their shopping carts on your websites, and more.

This data would enable you to know what campaign was successful and what was not. This way you would be able to know what marketing campaigns to invest the majority of your capital in and the ones to stop completely. This way you wouldn’t waste too many resources on marketing campaigns that are not doing well and focus all your strength on the campaigns that do work and bring in the best results for your organization. There are no downsides to this kind of information because you have the data to show what works and what does not.