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6 Benefits of mobile marketing

The benefits of mobile marketing today can not be overemphasized. Since 2012, mobile phone users have gone up by more than a hundred percent seeing mobile phone users go from 1.8 billion to an outstanding 3.8 billion users. These numbers are expected to go up continuously over the next few years and this means that just under half of the population of the entire world possesses a mobile phone. There is no better time to start taking advantage of the many benefits of mobile marketing as a marketing strategy.

Today, many business owners, event planners, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), religious groups, and more are all taking to mobile marketing to spread their messages and create awareness for their brands. Therefore, regardless of the kind of business you’re into, there are many benefits that your firm or small business can get from using mobile marketing. To put this into perspective, with mobile marketing you could take your products or service awareness from your local town’s audience to an international audience which could see your profits rise exponentially. In short, making the best of the benefits of mobile marketing could take your business to completely new levels.

This is an image depicting some of the benefits of mobile marketing
An infographic showing 5 benefits of mobile marketing

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a branch of advertising that targets existing or potential clients that make use of mobile devices, for example, phones, laptops, pads, and more through various social media like Instagram, Facebook, and other forms of communication online like inbound E-mails, SMS (short message service), websites E.T.C. It is a form of digital marketing.

Why should you use mobile marketing?

The mobile marketing industry today was worth about 66.42 billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to reach 253.40 billion dollars by 2026. If you owned just a fraction of this market share, you could be generating sales worth millions of dollars. There is no better time to start paying attention to mobile marketing.

What are the benefits of mobile marketing?

There are many benefits of mobile marketing; generally, it increases the profitability and the success of brands and organizations, it is affordable, user friendly, and various advertising formats can be used.

It is therefore good that you take advantage of these benefits of mobile marketing.

The benefits of mobile marketing for small businesses and firms

  1. It is traffic-oriented and optimized.
  2. It is increasingly user-friendly.
  3. Multiple advertising formats can be used.
  4. It is easily accessible.
  5. It provides a massive audience potential.
  6. It is easily affordable and cost-optimized

It is traffic-oriented and optimized

One of the benefits of mobile marketing is that the entire system is set up to provide you with the best results possible. If you want to create awareness for your brand, the system provides a way to reach your traffic potential. Mobile marketing also provides you with different options as to where you need your traffic. For example, you could link it to your online store, your WhatsApp business contact, your Instagram profile, or a special landing page, and on average, depending on your market size, target audience, and your advertising budget you should be receiving about 100 visits per day.

From that point, it’s up to you to decide what you would like to do with the traffic that you are receiving and there are many options to select from like the introduction of your sales funnels, your products or services, your mailing list option, your content, and more. However, the one thing that is assured is that your landing page, website, or business profile would receive traffic.

It is increasingly user friendly

One would not imagine that one of the benefits of mobile marketing would be that it is user-friendly because it sounds like a very complicated and tasking process but not a lot of people have tried mobile marketing in the first place even more so, not enough people have tried it to know that it is somewhat user-friendly. Majority of the platforms that offer mobile advertising like Facebook and google make it a priority to make setting up your adverts as easy and as timely as possible. This means that whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional marketer, getting accustomed to the user interfaces these companies provide is easy and takes little time to get used to.

To make it even easier, these platforms also provide (how-to) pages that users could refer to when certain aspects of the user interface are misunderstood. These pages could comprise short videos and articles that clearly explain, step by step, how to utilize all the features and the tools necessary to start using the mobile marketing platforms. These “how-to” videos and articles are easy to understand so whether you are a beginner or a seasoned mobile marketer, you could access any information needed and be able to comprehend them easily.

Multiple advertising formats can be used

I believe this to be one of the advantages of mobile marketing. Having multiple advertising formats is a great feature because not everyone prefers to use one medium or format to get their messages across to their audience and also, there is no one format fits all for marketing or building awareness for brands. Some may be better suited to use images, infographics, videos, or simply just text messages. For example, If your business involves selling clothes, it would be better suited for you to use images and videos to showcase your products rather than just plain texts because even though traffic is assured, people would not be able to see the clothes that you sell. This is what makes this benefit crucially useful.

The mobile marketing platforms offer you the option to upload the most accepted file formats available like image file formats, audio file formats, video file formats, and more. This means that whatever advertising formats suit your business, these mobile marketing platforms provide them and also provide mediums to customize them to your taste. The importance of this can not be overemphasized that is why I consider it one of the advantages of mobile marketing.

It is easily accessible

Before the introduction of mobile marketing, It was really difficult to access mediums like billboards, radio, and television to market your products. Creating awareness for your brands or getting your messages across to the population was limited and only available to the rich business or individuals with a lot of influence.

It also took a considerable amount of time for your adverts to get vetted, approved, and then go live and the adverts are also subject to many physical factors like rain, natural disasters, human activities, and more which would affect the longevity and effectiveness of your adverts which would, in turn, hurt your business in terms of revenue and results.

Today with mobile marketing, the story has taken a twist because almost everyone with a mobile phone and internet connection could start marketing. This makes it a lot easier to create awareness for your products or services without having to spend much time waiting for your adverts to be approved and your ads are no longer subject to all those factors stated above because you are a hundred percent in control of how long and how effective your adverts are. This is a great benefit because it saves you losses in revenue and provides profits and good results that are invaluable qualities to a business, organization, or individual. This is one of the benefits of mobile marketing that cannot be ignored.

It provides massive audience potential

In terms of who your adverts or messages can reach, one of the benefits of mobile marketing is that provides a massive increase in your reach potential. Before mobile marketing, the reach of advertising was only limited to an individual’s word of mouth, local city, state, or county at best. This meant that the people that would see hear about the products and services offered by that individual were limited.

The opportunity cost was significantly high because what would be spent on marketing would not bring in the profits one would expect given the multiple factors that could affect these adverts when they’re made live.

Mobile marketing makes things different simply because it is not limited to any geographical location therefore the potential reach it offers cannot be understated. You could market to all the states or regions in your country while only being present in one state it region. You could reach out to the neighboring countries as your business grows and soon all over the world when your business or organization can handle the demand that comes with such reach. The possibilities are limitless and everything is simply subject to your budget and your specifications. simply put, the sky’s the limit with mobile marketing.

It is easily affordable and cost-optimized

This is also one of the great benefits of mobile marketing because one of the major reasons businesses, organizations, and individuals do not get into marketing pre-mobile marketing was the cost. Even today, it is incredibly expensive to have your messages or images on billboards, television, or radio with costs going higher than a hundred dollars for simple adverts and the costs accommodate a relatively short amount of time.

However mobile marketing costs start with as little as zero to five dollars and continue to go up depending on your budget. Your advertising campaign can be live online in minutes and costs less than a cup of coffee in some cases. This means that you can start marketing your products with very little budget.

But wait, there’s more! with the cost-optimization feature, these platforms would make the best use of your budget to provide you with the best results possible for you within the range of your budget so every last penny spent would be worth it and you’ll be getting the best value for your money which to many businesses, organizations, and individuals is an invaluable quality.