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Advantages of Mobile Advertising

There are different disadvantages and advantages of mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is the new gold mine online that many small businesses, large companies, religious groups, and non-profit organizations are taking advantage of today. This is mainly because the world is going online and if any business or organization lacks an online presence then it would be difficult to take such organizations seriously.

Mobile advertising is also important for the future because more and more innovations are taking place that have the potential to create a virtual world online which would mean that people would be spending more than half of their day online.

Many of our day-to-day activities would now be done online such as shopping, gaming, meetings, conversations, work, and leisure. It is vital to be involved in mobile marketing from now because by the time innovations like these are mainstream, it might just be too late and expensive to take your business online or take a good percentage of the market share.

To add to that, more people are acquiring mobile devices which means that the market keeps getting larger with each passing year. In this post, we would take a look at the disadvantages and advantages of mobile advertising.

Advantages of mobile advertising

  1. Portability
  2. Quick results
  3. Increased search engine ranking
  4. Quick transaction speeds
  5. Large market potential


One of the advantages of mobile advertising is its portability. You can manage your marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world as long as you have your mobile phone or your computer and a stable internet connection. This makes it easier, reduces costs, and increases the profitability of any organization on so many levels.

For example, you could employ your staff from anywhere in the world and even outsource your marketing to certain freelancers that would do it at a much cheaper rate, and with less staff. Your organization would not need to operate on large premises; this reduces the costs for rent and other expenses involved in the hiring process.

The creation of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns could also be done remotely. This means that your marketing team can hold online meetings, create strategies and make changes to the advertising campaigns individually with some accounts as admins while others as editors. This generally helps to reduce costs and also promotes the profitability of your organization.

Quick Results

When you use mobile marketing to advertise your products or services, you would receive orders or payments faster than other traditional marketing methods. You would not have to wait a long time for your adverts to go live and to start seeing the results of your advertising campaigns. This helps a lot because a lot of organizations value the speed of the results they get because it helps them to optimize their entire marketing process as soon as possible to give them that competitive advantage.

The speed of the results also means that you would be able to view how well your marketing strategies are working as soon as they’re made live and also gain insight on how to improve any other marketing strategies that your marketing team is working on. This is done by using the data that is provided from the page of your live adverts to edit other advertising campaigns that are still being created.

In addition to that, it is much easier to make your campaigns and start seeing results faster than other traditional forms of marketing, for example, it takes a long time to design posters, get them approved, print them, and start pasting them all over the town. The same goes for billboards as well.

All these other forms of marketing take a lot of time to process and this is all before your start seeing the results of your advertising it is much more slow and difficult to optimize your marketing processes because you would need to source for, gather and analyze all the information for necessary to optimize your marketing strategies to obtain the best results.

Increased search engine ranking

Without having to optimize your websites, landing pages, or social media profiles, simply just by advertising your products or services through mobile devices, your websites would rank higher on search engines and be discoverable by millions of people looking for products or services related to what you offer. This makes mobile advertising an effective method of marketing.

Quick transaction speeds

Another great benefit of how effective mobile marketing can be is the speed at which transactions can take place and the convenience that it provides. This advantage is mainly for advertising campaigns that are optimized for sales or donations. When these advertising campaigns are live, clients can easily click on the links to your page; whether it’s a landing page or a website to make donations and payments instantly for the products or services that you are offering.

There are many upsides to this. For example, many companies lose their potential clients or donors simply because when they advertise, they use some of the traditional marketing methods which slow down the transaction speed because it takes time for them to find your operating location and make the purchase. When this happens, the business runs the risk of the clients forgetting about the product, service, or cause for donation. There are also cases where the clients may lose interest or simply find better or alternative products that would cause you to lose their business.

With mobile marketing, collecting payments or donations are made easy for the customers which means that you would not lose as many clients as the traditional marketing methods. Therefore, the use of mobile marketing speeds up your transactions and you would also see a great return on your investments faster than other traditional means of marketing.

Large market potential

As previously stated, just under half of the entire world’s population makes use of mobile devices. This means that there are more than enough people to reach out to. Now, in a way, this could be a major disadvantage because some people may not know how to properly optimize their advertising campaigns to focus on their target market and this would end up hurting their ROI in the long run however it is a major advantage because it allows you to have a long-range of options for people that you are looking to target. It also allows you to be as specific as possible which helps you to optimize your advertising campaigns to provide the best results and a great ROI (return on investment).

Disadvantages of mobile advertising

  1. Limitation of human interaction
  2. Multi-platform diversity
  3. Low level of authenticity/trust level online
  4. Logistical problems

Limitation of human interaction

When you begin to use mobile advertising, you realize that the majority of the systems are automated and most times the people only interact with programmed machines or robots. There is no room for actual human interaction which has a lot of advantages. With the limited human interaction, your clients lose the variety that human interaction offers which in some ways can be a disadvantage.

For example, there’s a difference between receiving a poster from an actual human being as opposed to seeing it online. They each have different effects on the response of the customers.

Some customers may prefer to have representatives speak directly to them rather than having automated answers by bots on websites. This is because there is a way a human would interact with a customer that involves a proper understanding of the problem or inquiry that a machine may not be able to understand. This would always be a disadvantage. however many companies have integrated high levels of artificial intelligence that would make these robots seem like real humans and this would go a long way but nothing truly makes up for that human interaction that many customers are after.

Multi-platform diversity

There are different varieties when it comes to mobile devices and even within these varieties lie more differences, for example, people with different phones and tablets from different brands, and even within those brands they have the same models of a phone with different screen dimensions. What this means in terms of marketing is that you have to put a lot of thought into what you are looking to advertise and the dimensions of the content because some devices may have a completely different viewing experience. There is no one-size-fits-all like a poster or a billboard.

Low authenticity/trust level online

When it comes to information and marketing online, it is easily accessible by anyone and on the surface, this may look like a great quality until you realize that scammers are also present online and customers are skeptical about how and what they buy online. You would need to prove the validity and authenticity of your brand in your marketing before you are taken seriously by customers online.

This means that it is vital to provide a good-looking and secure website for your customers and also provide a very fast response to any of their concerns because when customers are weighing their options, they may use qualities like your average response time, your websites quality, the functionality of all your webpages, your customer reviews, your customer service, and customer experience to judge your site; and if you are found lacking in one or many of these areas then you may be losing clients. It’s incredibly easy to get clients using mobile advertising but it is even easier to lose them because of a few lapses in your advertising campaigns or your web pages or profiles.